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Nick Couch

Behold, Nick Couch! Known to many, but maybe not all. As our first Prüver Feature, we sat down with Nick to ask a few questions to get to know him and his pursuit for BETTER!

After seeing TONS of amazing testimonies and buzz growing louder on social media, Nick reached out to his friend, placed his first order, and became a Prüvit Promoter. His interest in Pure Therapeutic Ketones® grew quickly! Nick desired to have MORE freedom to enjoy time with his family and truly LIVE life. With his IT leading the way, Nick was ready to commit to Prüvit after he attended his first Prüvit event in San Diego, CA. Having worked 11 years as an Electrical Project Superintendent, making the switch to pursue BETTER was easy.


Nick is self-proclaimed “INSANELY passionate” about the benefits of the Ketone Operating System and Ketosis, and all the science behind both. That is why he loves to hear from the variety of doctors, scientists, and researchers at KetoKademy®, his FAVORITE Prüvit Event! Nick doesn’t stop there, he attends ALL the Prüvit events he can! He continues to attend MORE because the personal growth he has seen in himself each time he’s attended. Getting to experience the best speakers teaching skills and techniques on how to be the best version of yourself is something Nick is grateful he can take back and share with his team.


Nick recently received the Oswald Award at EPIK 2018 with how he continued to move forward after the tragic loss of his father. However, losing his father was not the only challenge Nick has met in life. Nick has endured and recovered from 2 traumatic brain injuries. Nick sustained his first Traumatic Brain Injury on August 31, 2004 when he wrecked his street bike while not wearing a helmet. Fracturing his skull in 5 places upon impact, enduring subsequent medical ­­­­implications during his time in the ER, and 3 weeks in the Surgical ICU, Nick had a projected 1-2 year recovery once in rehab. He had to relearn every basic function from walking and talking to buttoning shirts and counting, but was determined to conquer rehab. 3 months later, he was HOME. After completing an additional 2 months of outpatient therapy to fine tune motor skills, Nick had made a 100% recovery. This STUNNED his neurologist and he was advised to never hit his head again.


Fast forward to September 24, 2016, as Nick is riding his dirt bike with his daughter, the gas was clutched, and she was not able release the throttle in time before he was thrown from the bike. Landing on his jaw, he smacked his face and was knocked unconscious. Once at the hospital, it was confirmed Nick has sustained ANOTHER traumatic brain injury, two brain bleeds in the exact spot as his first injury. After spending 24hrs unconscious with his chance of surviving unknown, Nick woke up completely cognitive and able to recall everyone around him bedside. After 36 hours, Nick was moved from the Surgical ICU to a normal room, after 60 hours he was sent home, and 14 days after the accident he was 100% recovered. Nick attributes his quick recovery to being in a state of ketosis before, during the time of accident, and while in recovery. Whether it was miracle, medicine, or coincidence, Nick does not have any lasting effects from either traumatic brain injury.


In his spare time, Nick enjoys traveling, attending church, exercising, shooting guns, and spending time with friends and family!  He also enjoys reading and recommends EVERYONE in the Prüvit Community pick up a copy of The Pursuit by Dexter Yager. Nick gives credit to the Prüvit Community for having made him more aware of his goals and what he wants to achieve, but also influencing him to have a bigger heart for helping others and to wake up every day LOVING life!

Our Prüvit Community is HUGE, and we want to recognize as many STELLAR Prüvers as we can! Share this post to Facebook so everyone can get to know Nick! Make sure to come back every week to see who’s being featured, you never know- it could be you ?

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