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We recently sat down with Nick + Chrissy Martinez to get their tips + tricks to growing their Pruvit Community. If you know them, you know they are awesome! Committed, driven, down to earth, and all around good people. Nick + Chrissy have been champions of the Ketone Conversation™ for about 3 years.


Prior to traveling around around the world to share the power of Pure Therapeutic Ketones®, Nick flew around the world as a commercial airline pilot. For eleven years, Nick flew people around finding their BETTER, and he knew there was BETTER out there for him as well. He had an untapped potential and was yearning for MORE. Fast forward to now, both Nick + Chrissy found it!


Teamwork makes the DREAM work

Over the course of 3 years, Nick + Chrissy have learned valuable skills + tips to balance work and life. Their biggest tip for other spouses working together is communication. In order to be successful in anything, you have to optimize your communication. Communication has been key for what they have been able to create for their family. When you are crushing life AND work with your spouse, often times it can be challenging to find the sweet balance. Learning the ability to block out time to focus and be present is vital. Nick + Chrissy make it a priority to find the balance, take time for both, and clearly define it.



Constantly pursuing BETTER, Nick + Chrissy attend as many Pruvit event as possible. Being able to experience the same personal + professional development leads to more growth, both as individuals and as a team.


We get to go on this adventure together and bring our family along with us. It’s not just lip service if you attend the events. You truly leave a better version of yourself. It gives you the platform to launch from, again and again.”


The key to BETTER

When asked what their #1 business building tip is, it came as no surprise. And it’s pretty simple; not always easy, but always simple!


“Our key to success has been keeping it simple and consistent. The daily activity of creating curiosity, validating the conversation, and allowing people to experience our products is all that we do.  We have done it every day without missing a beat for the last three years. Stop looking for the “secret,” there isn’t one! Massive success will come through consistent daily action over time!”


Before Prüvit we lived a comfortable life where we had everything we needed but were just going through the motions.  We were busy, working full time as a Pilot and in corporate finance, sneaking in time to play with the kids and going on an occasional vacation. Since joining the Prüvit Community, our hard work and continued daily activity within the community, with all the people we have come to know, has allowed us to spend more time with our kids than we ever thought possible, and see more of what life has to offer. What we are most excited about is supporting others in their own journey to BETTER.  Inspiring and leading our community and watching them design life and create their own future is why we wake up every day excited to Prüvit!


Hustle hard, play FULL OUT, and always pursue BETTER.


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