Women’s Equality Day

Prüvit Ladies (and those non-ladies who love our Prüvit Ladies), today is a day to celebrate!! Let’s take a little time to shout out to our Lady Pruvers and those ladies who Pruved their way before us to ensure we rule Prüvit Nation with the tenacity we do today.


Women’s Equality Day is celebrated to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment, which prohibits the states + the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. Although we all know, women ARE, and have been, equal to men as long as time has existed, this amendment to the Constitution let women everywhere exhale a deep breath on projected inferiority. From there on, women have shouted from the rooftops and forged a path of EPIK, showcasing the unique, brilliant, best version of themselves!

Take Rosalind Franklin as an example. At the age of 15, she knew that she wanted to be a scientist. Her father disapproved, but that she didn’t take that answer as the end of her pursuit of BETTER. She continued on, expanding her education so she can contribute MORE to the world of science.  In 1953, she published a paper confirming the 3D structure of DNA (yes, the same DNA our SIGNAL//OS® works to repair!) Talk about a BOSS.



Not only have women made their presence equal (and often BIGGER) in the world of science, they’ve done the same in the sports world! In 1967, Kathrine Switzer wanted to cross an epic to-do off her bucket list, and became the first woman to enter the prestigious Boston Marathon. Not everyone was happy to learn a female was racing, especially the marathon organizer who nearly ran her down mid-race. (Fast forward to today and you can note Desiree Linden who tapped into her GRIT to win the 2018 Boston Marathon under ice and rain conditions that created a challenge many others weren’t up to meeting.) Much like a RHINO, these ladies kept charging forward and achieved their goals!


Photo: Hagen Hopkins


Photo: David W. Johnson from RunnersWorld.com


We can all tip our hats to strong women, like Rosalind, and Kathrine, for showing bravery, having GRIT, and opening doors for women’s equality! And we can continue to honor women in STEM who continue to break  the mold and lead the pack in Ketone research and innovation at our upcoming KetoKademy®.

Ladies, take a moment to celebrate yourself. Post a pic of yourself and how you Prüvit with GRIT #pruvitBOSS @justpruvit . Or honor a Lady Pruver you know Pruvs it above and beyond with their pic and how they Prüvit; tag them and use #pruvitBOSS @justpruvit. We want to see your smiling faces and we might just throw out some Prüvit Gear randomly to those we see!


We’re kicking off today’s celebration with a popsicle toast. ? This tasty treat is something women and men everywhere can enjoy – UNLEASHED White Cherry Midnight Popsicles ?  These popsicles are PERFECT to have in hand while you pursue BETTER!



White Cherry Popsicles



1 pack KETO//OS® White Midnight Unleashed

12oz. water

Popsicle Molds


1. Mix KETO//OS® White Midnight Unleashed with water and

2. Fill popsicle molds + freeze until solid


Join us in making these tasty popsicles AND participate in our Prüvit BOSS social contest on Facebook & Instagram. See the rules here!

Don’t forget to post a picture of your popsicles to Facebook or Instagram, tag us @justpruvit #ketocooking. Go one step FURTHER and share this recipe to Pinterest so everyone can enjoy it!

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