Dallas, Texas  |  December 8 - 10, 2023

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December 8, 2023 December 10, 2023 America/New_York EPIK 2023 Dallas, Texas

EPIK Awards 2023

EPIK Main Event
EPIK Event Gala Awards Dinner


DECEMBER 8-10, 2023


We want you to join us for our annual celebration of the last year's success at the EPIK Awards!
Let’s create magic as we cast our vision for the future, award our TØP Prüvers, experience EPIK team-building excursions and listen to exclusive specialists leading the charge in the ketone space.
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Prüvit founder and ceo

Brian Underwood

Brian Underwood, Founder and CEO, is a successful serial entrepreneur with a long history of global innovation and forward thinking. His savvy, hip, tech CEO style and laid back, old fashioned Kentucky boy charm combine to make him approachable and trustworthy, while his cutting edge ideas and full-speed-ahead attitude make him a new breed of CEO in the rapidly changing world of Ketone technology.

With more than 2 decades of proven business development and coaching, Brian Underwood is widely recognized as a visionary among the most respected entrepreneurs. As an expert in team building, strategic development, and executive management, his portfolio is varied and well-founded. Brian’s ability to forge strong relationships, develop sales teams and lead organizations of all sizes is greatly enhanced by his outcome-oriented direction. Through his tenacious work ethic, exceedingly high standard of excellence, and emphasis on results Brian manifests his visions into reality.

Brian attended the University of Kentucky, where in his senior year he walked on to the legendary Wildcat basketball team. This is one of the first major instances that Brian understood his ability to manifest his dreams into reality, and it was at this time that he began to fully grasp the power of the human heart and a will to persevere. The team won its 6th national championship that year, which helped fuel Brian’s understanding and passion for working with others as a team to achieve massive goals.

After his successful time at UK, Brian quickly developed the reputation of “the guy you needed on your team for innovation, unique approach, and finding the right strategy to revolutionize your company.” Brian parlayed that success into a venture of Peak Performance Speaking and Consulting, which led to the successful launch of three companies.

Brian started the mobile media text message marketing company iZigg and profitably accelerated it into the leading text marketing company in the space. iZigg continues providing marketing to business, small and large, to this day through its mobile media and text marketing platforms.

Through an aggressive and targeted marketing strategy, Brian launched his next company, Rippln, in 2011. Although this mobile app company’s technology at the time was not able to withstand the over 1 million users acquired in just 30 days, the app features developed during that time are currently being used for the Prüvit Pulse App which is currently available on the iTunes and Google Play Stores.

As an avid enthusiast of supplements and health and wellness products, Brian has always been attracted to the bio-hacking and human optimization conversations. With that in mind, he sought out thought leaders in the space and research around the diet and science behind Ketones and the Ketogenic Diet. Brian came across a patented product that provided exogenous ketones without a deprivation diet through his longtime friend and business partner Terry Lacore. Terry was unsure the product could be produced in a palatable formula and was unsure about the science that would have to be explained to market the product. Brian was committed to making it work as he saw it as a potential game changer for people across the globe in all demographics. Through his research, and with the research of thought leaders such as Dr. Dominic D'Agostino, Brian found further proof that this was the product that could change the lives of so many people for the better. It was Brian's persistence and tenacity that allowed him to continue to work until the product was palatable. Together, with long time friends and business partners, Terry LaCore and Christopher Harding, Brian released Prüvit in the United States. Now, through the sheer power of the Prüvit Community, people across the nation (and soon to be globe) have access to and can spread the message of what better looks like.

Brian’s passion and purpose is to help others find their own personal better. Whether it’s through promoting Ketone research or donations to the Charlie Foundation, Brian is known for being a giver with a big heart.


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