The power of ketone supplementation in advancing the quality of your life.



from the lab, To your home.

The path from product conception, development, testing and analysis, to human optimization.

Better Validation

We test raw materials using state of the art instrumentation like HPLC, NIR, etc.

Constant service feedback with Pruvit community; listening to our partners and reviewing their data.

Prüvit uses the purest, cleanest, safest & tested ingredients.


Better Research

We work directly with the world’s leading authorities and researchers to find and discover the latest technologies.

Our supplier sources have been completely vetted to ensure the best quality products.

Human studies on finished products (underway) at various universities and research facilities.

True novelty in each product – points of difference (POD).

Pruvit is raising the bar for innovation.

Ryan Lowery, Prüvit Scientist


Better Innovation and Quality

We strive to find the purest and highest quality ingredients and materials to ensure excellent products.

Ingredients come from a NSF and Informed Choice certified factory.

We highly value our product compliance and conduct manufacturing audits on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality of products.

We highly value cGMP’s (current Good Manufacturing Practices) which are critical for providing safe, wholesome, efficacious products:

Cleanliness – Personnel & Facility

Sanitation Procedures

Document Control


Confirmatory Testing


Better Optimization

We develop the BEST products on the market that have been researched, tested, and validated before even getting to you.

In the press

The paradigm is shifting as the world becomes enlightened to the power of ketones.

Still wondering?

Under no circumstance is the information contained within such third party research to be used or considered as a direct, or indirect study of any Prüvit product.

Ketosis and General Nutrition

Cognitive Improvements

Weight Loss

Physical Performance

Neuroprotection For The Brain

C-Med 100®

Pruvit Ventures, Inc assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any 3rd party research or for updating such research, which is subject to change without notice at any time. Pruvit Ventures, Inc does not provide any medical advice, and each individual should consult their personal health provider before adjusting or adding any additional supplement to their current diet or prescription regiment. Under no circumstance is the information contained within such third party research to be used or considered as a direct or indirect study of any Prüvit product.

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