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Earn fast rewards with the Go Pro, and Go MVP bonuses during your first 14 – 30 days as a Promoter. The only catch is that YOU choose when your clock starts. So Join as a Promoter, plan a strategy with your team, then start your Go Challenge.

Go Pro // Go MVP // Go All-Star





GET a head start.

While you’re working towards your Go Pro and Go MVP Bonuses, you will be earning weekly rewards from the Go Fast Bonus. This means you get paid 20% of the BV on all commissionable orders placed during the first 30 days of new, personally enrolled Promoters.

40% Go Fast

Limited Time Offer

Get 30 days of 40% on Level 1 when you purchase a Experience Pack before you start your Go Challenge.

The 30 days begins when you start your Go Challenge. You can earn the 30 days by accumulating 2000PQV in your first 48 hours.

get endorsed.

Celebrities get free products just for sharing them, so why shouldn’t you? That’s why you’ll receive free Prüvit Bucks every month you get 2 Customer orders.

Endorsement Bonus

Get free Prüvit Bucks based on the average of your 2 highest Customer Orders.





get Customers.

With our mission being to inspire people, not sell, it is no surprise that Customers LOVE buying our products! So, of course, we’re rewarding you every step of the way. Those who retail, win, so don’t stop at 2 Customers for the Endorsement Bonus.

Retailer Bonus

Pays 40% on 50% of BV produced by personally enrolled Customers, based on the number of Customers enrolled. Plus an additional % on Level 1, 2 and 3 Customers–if qualified.

Get stability.

Unlike a typical job, Prüvit rewards will see you get rewarded in direct comparison with your efforts.

Go Fast

Get paid on the first order placed by Promoters in Levels 1 – 8, depending on other bonus achievements.

Residual Commissions

A monthly residual commission based on the % of BV that occurs on each of 1 to 11 levels.

Residual Match

Earn a % of the Residual Commissions earned by Engaged Promoters who contribute towards a Promoter’s Team Volume (TV).

Champion Bonus

In addition to the Residual Commission, the Champion Bonus offers a % of BV that occurs from unlimited levels of Promoters one to five Generations deep.



GET RANK 5 for 1 year.

If your’re ready to go big, we can help you get there faster with this limited time offer. Join with an Experience Pack when you register and get a Rank 5 pass for 1 year. This is in addition to the Double Direct Bonus!

You can earn the Rank 5 pass by accumulating 2000PQV in your first 48 hours.

Share in the profits.

If you want a bigger piece of the pie, then you can take advantage of multiple profit sharing pools paid out monthly, quarterly and annually.


MVP Pool

A pool for only those Promoters who earned the Go MVP Bonus (GMB), based on 1% of all company-wide New Volume (NV) during the calendar month.


Ownership Pools

Four separate pools for all Promoters who reach the L7, L8, L9 and L10 ranks, each based on 1% of total company BV.


Annual Pool

A pool divided among the top 3 Team Volume (TV) producers during the previous 365-days (based on Company launch/anniversary date), based on ½ percent (0.5%) of total BV during this 365 day period.

from the team.

“Our philosophy is very simple. We don’t want to sell our product, we want to inspire people to buy it with our stories that you create.”

The Prüvit Prüformance Rewards is designed to incentivize you to help socialize our stories and product with others and reward you for your reach and the ripple effect that you create. We all have value in today’s marketplace, and we all should be rewarded for our influence.

We designed the rewards for the average person that wants to make a full-time residual income. Our goal is to help more people go full-time faster than any other company in the marketplace.

The power of the Prüformance Rewards includes incentives to get everyone to “GO” and get started. As well as for those over-achievers who want to create a lifestyle income that is second to none, they have the ability to do so.

Simple, aggressive and powerful!

All the best,

Your Prüvit Team

High five!


High five!


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