Collagen for a BETTER you

Collagen, let’s talk about it!

You’re so vain

You know you’ve heard about it. Hollywood gets it in their facials. The Kardashians get it everywhere. It’s being pointed out + highlighted by fitness experts, so what gives?

All the good things

WELL… it’s more than just for good looks. Collagen is the main structural protein found in our skin and other connective tissues. It’s necessary to form and heal virtually every tissue in your body! To say it’s pretty common throughout the body would be an understatement; collagen is the super-ingredient that makes up 30% of the total protein in our body. Plus, it keeps our skin plump + looking youthful, promoting joint health, and so much MORE. When you are doing superhuman things every day, you need a super-ingredient. Collagen supports the following:

  • Tissue Repair
  • Promoting Joint Health
  • Healthy Metabolism, Muscle Mass, +  Energy Output
  • Strong Nails, Hair, + Teeth
  • Liver Health
  • Cardiovascular Health

Sounds pretty amazing, huh?!  To reap all the benefits of collagen, you’re going to need to consume it! This can come from a few different sources. The body produces collagen after it breaks down amino acids from protein-rich foods like chicken, dairy, and meat.

BETTER//BROTH® = Better Recovery

Did you know your body is most likely to take up collagen after a workout? Collagen is a HUGE component of muscle recovery + repair for everyday activity and athletic support. Not only does collagen lend a recovering hand to muscle repair, but it also supports joints, tendons, and ligaments! STRONGER muscles + joints = stronger YOU!

Batman would drink BETTER//BROTH®

You can also get these superhuman-supporting benefits from our BETTER//BROTH®! Let’s just say, Batman would drink it. Since our bones are a combination of collagen + calcium, it only makes sense that a bone broth would support collagen production in the body. Our BETTER//BROTH® Salted Caramel and Keto Thyme are chock FULL of the amino acids that the body utilizes in collagen production! Lucky for you, BOTH flavors of BETTER//BROTH® are available every day in our store!

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