Good Neighbor Day

Everybody can relate to how much MORE life is when you have good neighbors. Good neighbors, among many other things, help in times of need, contribute to a sense of community and provide a unique friendship (usually started by chatting in your robes Saturday morning over coffee). We like to think we are all good neighbors, but there is always room to be BETTER.

TALK to your neighbors!

Whether it is over a cup of KETO//KREME® or at the gym CRUSHING it, find a way to CONNECT and Prüve that you care about their well-being and existence. We all have struggles, but instead of dwelling in those moments, create lasting beautiful moments that encourage your neighbor to share that kindness with another person. Remember, others are on a path just like you so make sure you STEP UP and help them to the finish line.

Prüvit Forward Together

Prüving It Forward is GREAT, getting more people involved is even BETTER. One simple way to Prüvit Forward is to aid in community growth and repair. A community is only as strong as its members, so reach out, lend a helping hand, and go to your local community center. See what work needs to be completed; mentor the youth in the community because they are the future, or clean up trash around the neighborhood to showcase its beauty. You never know how much you can accomplish until you try! It just takes one person to start the Müvement.

Be Neighborly

One of the best ways to connect and show compassion is to share your narrative with others. Spending time together, aside from weekly nods while mowing the grass, is a surefire way to strengthen your rapport and sense of community! Throw a Keto Mixer or invite people in your community over for a Keto BBQ! Nothing says “thank you for being you” like sharing your space, good home cooking, and stories with a person. You may make a lasting connection that will, in turn, positively influence your life!

People THRIVE on connections and the impacts they make can truly change someone’s life. Our Prüvit Community thrives on deep interpersonal connections with people like YOU who enable us to MAXIMIZE the lives of everyone that strives for MORE. The compassion and the knowledge that you bring to others makes us stronger.

YOU make us BETTER.

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