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With the introduction of our new and advanced Chocolate Swirl KETO 3.0 formulation we have taken our technology to a whole new level, and those who have already tried it are saying the effects are amazing and it tastes delicious!

Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowry have dramatically improved the efficacy of the formulation by first optimizing the ratio of the BHB salts for a much faster peak into the system which in turn creates sustained ketone levels throughout the day.

We have added Ketogenic Amino Acids and Short Chained Fatty Acids that use the same transporters as ketones so you are getting that same direct quick uptake into your system.

And it doesn’t stop there… 3.0 also includes a prebiotic. This is a food source for the good bacteria in the gut that makes them stronger so they can fight the bad bacteria more effectively which will help with any gastro intestinal upset… you know the upset tummy thing.

Last but not least the new formulation is suitable for our Vegan friends and is Dairy and Gluten Free so we now have a product suitable for everyone.

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