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KETO CONVERSATIONS are an opportunity for you to gain valuable insights from the leading experts in the Prüvit community. In this episode, CEO Brian Underwood speaks with Dr. Ryan Lowery about how he got involved in the field of total body øptimization and 7 bio-hacks that you can implement now for enhanced human øptimization!

BRIAN UNDERWOOD: I’m joined here by Dr. Ryan Lowery who I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with for nearly 5 years. He’s traveled the world, speaking as a thought leader and an influencer, showing people how to create human øptimization. But the thing I love most about Ryan is his passion for science. That being said, how did you get involved in the Keto Conversation?

RYAN LOWERY: Like you, I played sports growing up and I was always super interested in optimizing performance for myself. I wanted to be the next Derek Jeter, but I didn’t know how to do that.

Then, when I was in middle school, my grandmother passed away, too early for her age. She was a loving Italian grandmother who would cook for an army, carbohydrates were like our middle name. And eating all of those carbohydrates eventually had a cascading effect on my family.

For me, that’s what really sparked it. I knew I had a passion for optimizing human performance on the baseball field, but I also wanted to take that same passion and ask myself “how do I use that to help my family and friends?”

UNDERWOOD: That’s great, I know you’re involved in a lot of exciting research behind the science of ketones. And I know that we’ve done a lot of research with you as an advisor. What people may not know, is that you also currently serve as the president of the Applied Science and Performance Institute (ASPI) in Tampa, Florida. Could you share with everyone what you all do there?

LOWERY: ASPI is basically a research and human øptimization center. We research all kinds of different things, primarily ketogenic diets, and exogenous ketones. But we also study things like stem cell therapy, biohacking, and optimizing your body. We work with high-level athletes and for them, that 1% difference could mean winning an Olympic medal. 

And we also work with people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and traumatic brain injuries. For them, that 1% translates into a dramatic shift in their lives. They’re not at peak levels, but those small shifts overtime make them better and better and better. 

UNDERWOOD: Can you talk about some of the testing or results you all have see down there?

LOWERY: Ideally, we want these individuals to be drinking exogenous ketones, be on a ketogenic diet, and exercising regularly. Right now we are only in Phase 1 of this case study, so we haven’t seen the results of incorporating all three. But we’re going to be studying their reaction time and recall ability, which we can measure in the lab.

UNDERWOOD: So you would say that performance is definitely increased by exogenous ketones?

LOWERY: Without a doubt. The main reason is that aging brains and people with neurological issues are both becoming increasingly resistant to utilizing glucose as a fuel. Now we have an alternative. We have a different fuel source, a superior fuel source to glucose, that the brain can still utilize in these affected areas. It’s amazing, and we just need to be able to provide it.

UNDERWOOD: If you could, give everyone an understanding of what exogenous ketones do as a fuel source. Then maybe they can understand how it affects things like cognition, depression, and even insulin response.

LOWERY: There are 3 ways that exogenous ketones can help literally anyone and everyone. The 1st one, which we’ve already touched on, is ketones as a fuel source. Ketones are a pøwerful fuel source, not only for the brain but because it is rapidly taken up by the heart and muscle tissue.

Number 2, it blunts your hunger and helps you stay satiated. Which is one of the reasons that people can fast for longer periods of time without craving food. That’s a huge win for overall body composition.

The 3rd one, in regards to performance, is muscle preservation. Body composition matters for everyone. We all want to lose fat and at least maintain, if not gain, muscle. The great thing is that ketones work on both ends of that spectrum. Ketones prevent muscle breakdown while simultaneously promoting something known as muscle protein synthesis, a fancy way of saying muscle building. 

UNDERWOOD: As a member of the biohacking community, talk a little bit about some of the hacks that you would recommend to people for human øptimization and the boosting of their immune system.

LOWERY: The first biohack that comes to mind is the one I’m probably the worst at, which is sleep. Getting good quality sleep should be a priority. I think it’s the most important. Your body recovers while sleeping, but a critical part of that is what you do around your sleeping periods. I always recommend that you don’t eat 3 or 4 hours before you go to bed. The insulin response blunts growth hormones necessary to repair your body while you sleep. 

Another biohack would be using a sauna. If you have the ability to get into a sauna, it can increase heat shock proteins, which help build your immune system. Absolutely, phenomenal. 

You can also focus on your hygiene, something we should already be doing. It’s simple, but it can have a huge impact on your immune system.

Another one is red light therapy, I know you do this a lot as well Brian. It’s been shown to help increase growth factors or immunoglobulins. 

There are so many, I know of studies showing that having sex can increase immunoglobulins too. 

And the last one I’ll mention is just staying active. Pumping blood through your lymphatic system is what helps us clear out all the debris of the day. And combined with intermittent fasting, your body can clear out all of that gunk. And if you can’t get out to a gym, doing movements at home will still give you that effect.

UNDERWOOD: Share with everyone what your favorite part of working with the Prüvit community has been? And how do you feel about the vision and mission behind Prüvit? 

LOWERY: I think it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve never been møre passionate in my life. I’ve learned so much from the community and hopefully been able to give back a little bit as well. Seeing these incredible transformations that scientists and researchers would have never thought possible. I think that’s the most important thing in life,  to surround yourself with supportive people so you can continue growing. And I’ve never seen a community so supportive, and I’m super thankful and honored. 

UNDERWOOD: I agree so much, introducing the world to ketones is great but having a vision and overall mission that the community can get behind is so important. And bringing them things like education, connection, and technologies to help them optimize themselves and become a better version of themselves. Speaking of education, I know you’ve been to all of the Keto Academies. What do you think people can look forward to learning at these events?

LOWERY: Honestly, I think Keto Academy is by far the best keto conference every year. You rarely get the minds that we’re able to bring together, and they’re all from different disciplines. That doesn’t happen anywhere else. These aren’t your traditional academic conferences where people are talking over your head. It’s broken down so that it can be applied in the real world.

UNDERWOOD: Dr. Ryan, I appreciate all that you’re doing and I will speak again with you soon.


To watch the full video conversation, click here.

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