Discover the BEST version of yourself at KetoKademy® + MORE

A BETTER you is more than feeding your body the right nutrients, it’s feeding your mind the right thoughts too! Our one-two punch of these two foundational events, KetoKademy® + MORE, are another resource for you to be the BEST version of yourself.



The science for a BETTER you

When you attend KetoKademy®, you are taking deepening your understanding of Pure Therapeutic Ketones®. The scientists, doctors, and specialists we team up with have spent YEARS of their careers studying + learning how powerful ketones are and how they support a healthier YOU. It’s more than just how ketones work, you’ll hear about relevant studies and new ways you can biohack your own body! Not only will tapping into the science help you make smarter choices for your body, it will help you spread the power of optimization with certainty and veracity.




Do MORE to be MORE

Once you know ALL the facts about Pure Therapeutic Ketones® from attending KetoKademy®️, attending MORE is where you can expect MAJOR growth, both personally and professionally. Our elite specialist are the BEST of the best at what they do, and they are equipped to teach you PRÜVEN tools + techniques to support you as you break through personal limitations, discover your strengths, and tap into your unmatched power.


We all want to inspire others to improve – to become the best version of themselves, and it has to start with ourselves first! You deserve to be MORE, do MORE, and get MORE out of life.



  1. Nancy says:

    When will the next Keto Kademy be?

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      Stay tuned for the next KetoKademy®, BUT in the meantime, we have Hacking BETTER in Louisville, KY October 26 + 27!

  2. Kerry Georgeadis says:

    When is the next Ketokademy and where?

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      Keep your eyes out at to see when we release the next KetoKademy® + MORE!

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