Staying Keto on the Go

Life is busy for us; we’ve got things to do and Pure Therapeutic Ketones® to share. When meal prepping isn’t convenient, food on the go is. No one is invincible to the convenience of quick service food, but grabbing a quick bite doesn’t have to sabotage your diet! We’re here to give you our best tips to choosing keto-friendly dishes while eating out!


???? Mexican ????

Tacos are a way of life, but tortillas are not the keto life. Salads with grilled steak, chicken, or shrimp are a great option! Add tomatillo-red, sour cream, guacamole (yes- we know it’s extra, so are we), cheese, and ranch dressing. Make sure to skip rice, beans, or tortillas. If you smile real big and ask nicely, they might whip up a cheese tortilla shell for you!


???? Sub Shop ????

“Why would I end up at a sub shop if I’m being Keto?” you may ask yourself. But listen, it happens and we want you to be prepared! Ditch the bread and get your sammy wrapped in lettuce. Double the meat and add sprouts, mayo, ranch, avocado, cheese, or bacon. Skip the chips and cookie, and enjoy!


???? Burger Joint ????

Double double protein style… or just ask for a double cheeseburger without the bun. Add any of the following to your burger to beef up your burger: Bacon, extra cheese, lettuce, mustard, mayo, onion, pickles, avocado. Say no to the fries, and make sure to ask for a fork and knife. 🙂


???? Pizza Joint ????

WINGS are a must at nearly every pizza place. Get wings (not breaded) with a side of ranch. BBQ sauce is OUT but you can get saucy with Buffalo sauce! Another option that has become more common is cauliflower pizza crust! If they include their nutritional value on the menu, you can really gauge how keto-friendly it is!


???? Fast Casual Cafe ????

Order a salad with grilled steak, chicken, or shrimp. Use ranch dressing or olive oil and juice from a lemon. Ditch any dried fruit, croutons, crispy wontons, or fried tortillas. Double down on the hard-boiled eggs, shredded cheese, bacon pieces. Bonus points if they have avocado!


These are just a few tips for eating keto on the go, every restaurant + fast food joint has MORE options and is willing to work you, you just have to ask! When you’re in a rush and keto options are less than ideal, you still can make #BETTER choices on the go.



  1. Melissa Borgoyn says:

    Beyond thankful for this lifestyle! I knew that in order for it to be sustainable- I couldn’t track macros. Ketones and being mindful of my food choices have truly changed my life.

  2. Samantha Rose says:

    Pruvit’s product have absolutely changed my life in so many ways. They make eating healthy so much easier, I don’t crave the sugar and excess amount of carbs anymore. No more crashing or naps. Just all around feel like a new human!

  3. sindy Winnick says:

    Since, I have been using the product, I feel amazing. Thank you Tammy Widseth for turning me on to a fantastic product.

  4. David says:

    This was a great read and a good insight, stops me from feeling so guilty when I eat take away

  5. Marlene Burner says:

    I love this cause sometimes I’m just not sure. I do wish though the Pruvit packets where cheaper, it just gets to be so expensive. I would love to buy more but just can’t afford it. It has done wonders for me. I know they say get 2 people to join but it’s not cost efficient.

  6. Christelle says:

    I love that Pruvit has recognized the importance of Keto nutrition in conjunction with exogenous ketones. This is so important. I would think it might be a great idea to publish some sort of Pruvit keto recipe book for enrolled customers as an additional tool! Great job leadership team!

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