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Your Brain NEEDS Sleep!

We all know how FANTASTIC it feels to get a solid night’s sleep, but why does it feel so good?! Because our brains are saying thank you! Our brain is the busiest organ, consuming as much as 25% of our overall energy (we see you, KETO//OS® NAT™). When anything works to convert fuel into energy, waste is produced, the brain being no exception. Our brain takes sleep & relaxation time to clean house and get rid of waste accumulated over time! (#ketophagy) But that’s not all the brain benefits from when we sleep…



  1. Sleep boosts your mental health. Long-term sleep loss can increase stress, anxiety, and depressive moods. Hit the hay early for your mental well-being!
  2. It helps make your memory sharper. Ample amounts of sleep can help your brain stay sharper and boosts your power of recall. No more excuses for forgetting the grocery list!
  3. More sleep = better mood. A lack of sleep can make it hard for you to regulate your emotions; fairly neutral stress triggers, you would otherwise manage without anger, may feel more intense without enough sleep. The next time you’re feeling moody, take a nap and see what happens!  
  4. Sleep aids in decision making. Scientists found that a period of unconscious thought (aka sleep) can help aid better decision making. Here’s a good reason to “sleep” on a big choice.
  5. It helps you focus on your everyday tasks. Studies show shuteye can help you remain sharp and alert throughout the course of your day, making your to-do list feel way more manageable than it would without sleep. Even naps can help boost your focus. Sleep also improves learning and problem-solving skills.



Now you know why sleep benefits are AMAZING, but you say you have trouble getting a goodnight’s sleep or you just don’t get enough sleep. Lucky for you our SIGNAL//OS® PM is a great tool to incorporate in your evening routine to ensure you get the restful and restorative sleep you deserve! Our SIGNAL//OS® PM works to de-stress your body and mind to provide an overall sense of calm. SIGNAL//OS® PM taken in the evening helps you to unwind and promote sleep quality. 

Sleep is a weapon, use it!


  1. Doreen Byrne says:

    Wow!! This is great information to know and to refer back to.
    Thank you all so much for putting this together.
    I am looking forward to my first reboot with excited anticipation.
    Thanks to all this wonderful helpful information.

  2. Louisa says:

    Thank you for all the information. It will be very helpful.

  3. Pat. Van Acker says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing.

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