The Wake Up Call

Here is your early morning wake up call! Second to Pure Therapeutic Ketones®, this buzzing coffee concoction is going to be your go-to!


The Wake Up Call


6 oz Espresso
1 oz Heavy Cream
1 oz Vanilla Eclipse Syrup*
Espresso Beans


1.Combine all ingredients in shaker
2. Shake vigorously
3. Strain into glass
4. Garnish with espresso beans


* Vanilla Eclipse Syrup Ingredients:

1 tsp KETO//OS® MAX Vanilla SKĪ
1 tsp KETO//OS® Unleashed Eclipse
1 cup Water
1 cup Sugar Substitute


* Vanilla Eclipse Syrup Instructions:

1. Dissolve sugar substitute in water over medium heat
2. Once dissolved, remove from heat
3. Add in KETO//OS® Max Vanilla SKĪ and KETO//OS® Unleashed Eclipse
4. Store in heat proof jar



How do you like combining Pure Therapeutic Ketones® with your favorite flavors? Email us your recipe to and we’ll feature it on the blog! Share a picture to Instagram of your masterpiece and tag us @justpruvit #ketocooking so we can see!


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