Christmas in July

Merry Christmas, in July!

We all know the winter Christmas as a time for holiday traditions & gifting, but what about Christmas in July? We think of it as the mid-year benchmark for giving, as we Prüvit forward ALL year long! Although tangible gifts bring joy, so do the intangible! Keep reading for some great ideas to use while you give throughout the year!

It’s the EFFORT that counts!

Gift-giving is so much MORE than an obligation, it’s an opportunity to love somebody else! Since we all have our own love languages, (find yours here ) it takes more effort than simply grabbing the first thing you see at the store that fits into your budget. In your quest to find that PERFECT gift, remember:

  • It takes time to understand what a person truly needs and loves.
  • This isn’t for you, so don’t just gift whatever you would want. Ask yourself: is this something they would really want?
  • You can’t buy love, so don’t bother trying. Cost is not nearly as meaningful as the effort, time, and thought that go into the gift!

Less is MORE

Anyone can go on a shopping spree and spoil their loved one with gifts, but those are just things. At the end of the day, things can disappear and what we want to have MORE of is memories, experiences, and heartfelt feelings with those we love and care for. When it comes to giving, think less! Less money spent at the store and MORE time spent together, MORE of yourself being present, MORE for the community!

Help your KIDS Prüvit Forward!

We’re all on our own pursuit of BETTER, and that includes helping our kids pursue BETTER too! The excitement and innocence in children when they receive gifts is heartwarming, but it feels just as good to see them giving and feeling great about it too! The habit to give and Prüvit Forward year-round ought to be taught at a young age, so everyone can learn how good it feels to give, as much as it does to receive! Whether it is a family member’s birthday, a community event, or authentic Christmas time, lead by example!

  • Begin asking, “What are you giving _____?” It may seem strange and unnatural at first, but what a great thought to sow in little minds!
  • Take children on a shopping spree, but with only a few dollars! Let them have a free run of the dollar store, even the smallest kiddo can buy gifts for their family.
  • Include children in wrapping presents. Use plain white or butcher paper to wrap the gifts and let the children decorate with their own artwork.
  • Give them the opportunity to physically pass the presents. This really is the fun part! Let them enjoy the act and feeling of giving to others!
  • “The act of giving without the expectation of something in return is the true definition of kindness”. How do you make kindness louder with Christmas in July?! Post a pic of your giving tradition, tell us how you Prüvit Forward and tag us @justpruvit #pruvitforward

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