Keep Müving for the BETTER of your Brain!

Physical Activity & Your Brain!

Your brain is no different than the rest of the muscles in your body- your either use it or you lose it! Not only does physical activity stimulate muscle growth throughout your body, but your brain also reaps the benefits of a gym session too!

Our Keto Rebooters are about to embark on Keto Optimization Quests designed to maximize human potential and optimize brain health through healthy eating and müvment for increased mental and physical performance. Check out some ways you can start müving now to upgrade your state of being!


Whether you are running to Queen Bey or lifting weights, your increased heart rate means more oxygen getting pumped to and through your brain! Additionally, physical activity reduces inflammation & insulin resistance, and stimulates the release of natural, youth-preserving growth factors. These growth factors are POWERFUL; they affect the health of brain cells, growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and even aid in the abundance and survival of new brain cells!!

Even after your sweat session is complete, the effects of physical exercise continue to benefit you and your brain. Consistent exercise is known to have antidepressant-like effect, improving mood & sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and overall make you happier person. Often, we hear about “runner’s high”, and this is no myth! The antidepressant effect of running is associated with more cell growth in the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for learning and memory.


Getting enough physical activity so you can reap ALL the benefits is key. It is suggested to have 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. This can be any combination of running, swimming, power walking while shopping- whatever you enjoy most! The important part is that you are moving and grooving, giving your brain the best chance at optimum health!


So give it a go and up your activity. Set daily goals and reminders to MÜV! Sitting is the new smoking, and it is time Optimize your Human Potential. Check out our next Keto Reboot and Optimization (available for purchase the beginning of each month) for further tips and hacks in our Keto Quest on müving for a better you.

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