Give Back On Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday = a GLOBAL day dedicated to giving back

The green light for the Holiday season is a slew of shopping days where we a shop ‘til we drop buying the perfect gift for those we love, but now it’s time to PRÜV how much we want this world to be a BETTER place. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is known around the world as Giving Tuesday, and it’s ALL about giving (and Prüving It forward)! This day is when charities, families, businesses, community centers, and Prüvers around the world come together to celebrate generosity and to give.

When it comes to giving, there are a few foundations we love to support! Each foundation in its own way works tirelessly for everyone wanting to be the BEST version of themselves, and we are here to INSPIRE you to support them as well!

Charlie Foundation

The Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies was founded in 1994 to provide information about diet therapies for people with epilepsy, other neurological disorders and tumorous cancers.  Today, the Charlie Foundation’s expanded mission not only to champion Ketogenic Diet therapy for epilepsy but provide up-to-date information regarding its expanded use and variations. The Charlie Foundation is now in its 25th year of advancing awareness of Ketogenic Therapeutics.

USF Ketone Research

The primary focus of their laboratory is developing and testing metabolic-based therapies, including ketogenic diets and ketone body supplements. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, who you might have seen at a few of our Ketokademy® events, is a research scientist at USF. The MORE research and technology put into discovering the POWER of the ketogenic diet and Pure Therapeutic Ketones®, the BETTER we can all pursue!

Alzheimer’s Foundation

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America’s (AFA) mission is to provide OPTIMAL care and services to individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses and to their families and caregivers. AFA was founded in 2002 by a caregiver whose mother lived with Alzheimer’s disease from 1980-1992. At that time, there was little information available and nowhere to turn for support.  His goal was to make sure that no other family living with Alzheimer’s disease would have to go on the journey alone.


The Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) pioneers technologies aimed at leveraging and extending human capabilities. Dr. Ken Ford, who you have seen at our Ketokademy® events, is a BIG piece of research success at IHMC. Just like us, IHMC is striving to make people BETTER.

The ways to give are endless, and this is just the beginning of the giving season!

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