Socializing is MORE important than you think

Humans are social creatures. We have bigger brains so we can socialize. Our brains are hardwired to think, feel, experience life with those we value. We all have relationships that add tremendous value to our lives but experiencing life with these people can extend our lives too!

A study done at BYU found that people with social relationships lived 50% LONGER than those who were more socially isolated. YES, your friends can help you live longer by simply being your friend! Social connections offer mentally stimulating situations that BOOST our cognitive reserve. Cognitive reserve refers to how resilient our mind is to damage and decline. This cognitive reserve is like a “savings account” of healthy brain cells, meant to strengthen the brain’s resistance to mental decline and disease.

Our brain isn’t the only one loving these friend groups, our bodies do too! Regular social interaction is known to protect our immune system, reduces stress, and decrease the risk of developing dementia. All the endorphins released when we’re happy together and laughing reduce anxiety & depression, and even ease your physical aches and pains! Some research has found those who are highly social are less likely to catch a cold! Socializing in the middle of the cold season isn’t so dangerous!

The Prüvit Community is filled with huge fans of social interaction, and we are passionate about encouraging social interaction through KETO//OS® Mixers and Socials, as well as national events! Our Keto Life Parties happening around the globe are packed with Education on KETO//OS® & the Ketone Conversation, personal & professional breakthroughs to get MORE out of life and your business, and Leadership & Coaching at a HIGH level. All of these events help connect people with others and themselves on a deeper level.

Have some friends over for a social to drink some KETO//OS NAT® or have a potluck Keto Reboot Tailgate party before the next Keto Reboot. Talk about pursuing better and the upcoming KetoKademy® and MORE events. Shared interests stimulate mental engagement and encourage quick thinking – all to keep the brain engaged.

Take advantage of this Prüvit Community and keep your brain healthy!

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